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  • Residential Multi Activity Courses linked to the National Curriculum or experiential courses
  • Bushcraft and canoe journeys, camping on the riverbank

With many years of experience with many different client groups Outer Active is assured of delivering your School, College, University or Youth Group the perfectly structured and well delivered program. We will work closely with you to plan and organise the course whether it's residential, camping, expeditions or school based. Outer Active have experience running Outdoor Education programmes within Local Authority at Senior Management (Head of Centre) levels balanced with a broad experience in the commercial Outdoor Industry.

Educational Benefit

"A broad and balanced curriculum, with learning outside the classroom as a powerful element, supports higher achievement"

Safety Safety Safety

Working closely with an established and licensed organisation like Outer Active ensures you have peace of mind. With over 30 years experience we have led the way with when it comes to safety, robust and current Health & Safety policies, systems and procedures have been developed and implemented. Our team of instructors are all experienced coaches in many displines and hold high level awards such as Mountain Instructors (MIA) and BCU Level 4 coaches, they are true enthusiasts! Holidaying to them is all about kayaking the steep alpine rivers in France, paragliding across Spain or climbing the worlds highest mountains.

Easy To Organise

Since we first began, we have been developing systems to aid and support leaders organising their Outer Active trips. We take care of the general organisation, assisting you in completing all the necessary paperwork such as pre-prepared risk assessments, we provide a full course information pack including kit lists, medical forms etc. We are happy to attend your Parents' Evenings and deliver a presentation followed by an opportunity for Q&A.

Meeting External Standards

All outdoor activities, such as canoeing, kayaking and gorge walking, require the provider to prove they meet additional safety standards. The Adventurous Activities Licensing Service (AALS) issues licence's to activity providers to operate activities that have been externally inspected to confirm they are safe, well organised and risk is being managed. Details of the license Outer Active holds can be found at

Outer Active is proud to be an Approved Activity Provider for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award which also runs it's own strict inspection procedure.

Residential Courses

7 Day, 5 Day or 2 Day Residential Courses

We can work with you to find the right location with the best resources for your course date, numbers, budget and inline with your aims and objectives.

We use a number of hotels, bunk houses and residential centres across the Uk. Programs can include a full multi activity as described below or to cover and assess A2, AS, GCSE or BETEC in climbing, hill walking or canoeing. Please call us with your requirements.

5 day Residential "Multi Activity"

Multi Activity by name Multi Activity by nature.

Canoeing, caving, climbing, kayaking, abseiling, gorge walking, hill walking all in the great outdoors. Expertly delivered and guaranteed to motivate young people, our exhilarating and challenging adventure activities are at the heart of this program. All have been tried and tested, chosen for the mental and physical prowess they promote. They encourage students to develop new skills such as transferable personal skills ie teamwork, increase self-confidence, giving pupils a valuable sense of personal achievement

We use the natural environment to deliver the multi activity program, rivers, caves and real rock faces. No climbing frames, no target shooting, no lawn games. Multi Activity can be wet, dry, cold, warm, it may be rewarding and scary and it will defiantly be lots of fun. Residential Multi Activity courses are far reaching in its goals to bring children face-to-face with completely new activities and team building experiences, promote healthy physical exercise and develop self-confidence.

Programme Includes

  • Four nights bunk house accommodation
  • Fully catered
  • Full Multi Activity programme including evenings

Team Building Built in Throughout

Multi Activity is more than just a programme of fun and games for your pupils, our activities have been carefully chosen for the physical and mental prowess they encourage in young people. Activities such as gorge walking, canoeing and rock climbing have team building at their heart. Pupils work together in ways impossible to compare to in the classroom, supporting each other, taking the lead and encouraging their peers to work together towards a common goal.


Please contact us for individual requirements and costs tailored to your group.

Value For Money

We believe in the value and benefits of learning outside the classroom for all. This is why we work hard to provide quality educational courses with affordable options to suit all our clients. We offer a selection of trip durations, such as weekends and day trips as well as a week long trip.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Outer Active has over twenty years experience helping people achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of The Edinburgh's Awards in the UK and Overseas.

What We Offer

  • Choice of Expedition locations across the UK, Europe and the World.
  • High quality training, delivered at a location convenient to you.
  • Approved format to undertake the Expedition on Bike, Canoe or on foot.
  • A dedicated Instructor/Coach who will offer continuing support throughout your Expedition Programme.
  • Pre-Expedition Training at your location or a location to suit individual group needs.
  • Comprehensive Pre-Expedition Pack, including consent forms and kit lists.
  • A complete service, we will complete all paper work; Operating Authority notifications, green forms and risk assessments.
  • Training materials and helpful handouts for participants.
  • Rescue 3 Awareness Water Rescue. A one day classroom and river bank based course designed to provide participants who may be working near water with sufficient knowledge to be aware of the hazards created by this environment. Gold Training Only.
  • Free use of group equipment including :- Tents, Stoves and maps.
  • Canoes and all specialist equipment ie dry barrels.
  • BCU Star Awards trained and tested.

What it Costs

We offer two simple prices based on a minimum of 10 participants. Walking Expeditions are £40 per person per day. Canoe or Bike Expeditions are £45 per person per day.

Expedition Challenges

Taking young people out of their everyday environments into completely new and inspiring experiences in unfamiliar surroundings facilitates important personal and social growth. See your students go from strength to strength without them even realising they're learning. Whether this is after they've just perfectly demonstrated team leadership, team-working and negotiation when they momentarily led their group, or maybe they tested their stamina and coordination, increased their self-confidence and gained the respect of their peers.

Bushcraft and Canoeing skills

• Shelter building / Natural shelter [depending on venues]
• Traditional fire making techniques
• Back woods cooking, food prep, natural cooking techniques
• Foraging materials and it's use.
• Water purification [if req]
• Foraging
• Navigation techniques

Having undertaking a journey in the first day and spent the night in a bivi, cooked on open fires, you could follow up on the second day either with a further canoe experience, or a lesson on climbing, caving or orienteering.

Outer Active Bushcraft courses are delivered by staff who have a strong environmental awareness and promise a minimum impact policy when delivering programmes. The staff have been selected on their experience of working in remote areas on expedition courses or have been trained in military survival. Some staff have special forces backgrounds



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