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Outdoor Development Training

All our programmes are ideal as development events for your company, designed to assist delegates in the challenge of leadership or working within a team.  The programmes  will develop a flexible approach to leading or working in teams of different cultures and functions.  The programmes are delivered through an experiential learning  approach to include :

  • Increased understanding of the delegates' inter-personal skills leadership styles
  • Understanding of action-centred learning and its influence on the development of team skills
  • Challenge and commitment and responsibility of situational leadership
  • A series of psychometric tests to assist delegates in understanding of development of teams and leadership theory

All our Team Leadership and Management training programmes are designed with one overriding objective: to deliver benefits to your organisation. To ensure the training meets your specific needs, we provide in-company training programmes in one of four package types:

  • Ready-to-Go
    An 'off-the-shelf' training programme delivered by one of our training specialists at a location of your choice. If you wish us to modify this programme to fit company specific requirements see the Customised package.
  • Customised
    We tailor our ready-to-go programme to meet your needs, including your case studies, your examples and your company specific information. Company branded programmes also available. If you require the origination of new material, for example to tackle a company-wide strategic initiative involving a combination of training elements, then see our Bespoke package.
  • Bespoke
    We research, design and deliver the programme specifically for your needs. Elements of the programme can be drawn from existing subject areas, for example a blend of sales and customer service topics or originated completely from scratch. By its very nature, it is difficult to describe our Bespoke offering.

Management training - Leadership training

We have a variety of core management and leadership training programmes, all of which are designed and delivered by management and leadership specialists. Outer Active provide ready-to-go, customised and bespoke training programmes, as well as offering a collection of qualifications and Development Programmes

Throughout Outer Active's history we have designed and delivered specific learning and development programmes for graduates to senior managers; ranging from management skills, to customer service to business skills.

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Our Ready-to-Go management and leadership training programmes include :

Management Essentials

This one day management training program looks specifically at the importance of the role of the manager and leader and aims to improve confidence and skills of any manager.

The program also explores the complexities of being promoted into the role from the team and how to project the appropriate style and management approach.

Cost from £50 per delegate.

Management Training  The Beacons Challenge

A Two Day Outdoor Development Programme.

In today's fast moving working environment, most managers work in a highly structured way with processes, procedures, technology and frameworks to guide everything they do.

But how prepared are your people to meet the unexpected? How do they react and perform when moved out of their comfort zone? How creative are they with their decision making and problem solving? Do they utilise the skills and experiences within their teams and functions to best effect?

This event provides the answers!

Cost from £200.00 per delegate, including a night in a hotel, meals and the full outdoor Development Program. Facilities and training in London, Bristol, Manchester and Cardiff.

Problem Solving

This 1 day programme delivers a 'toolkit' of practical techniques that are applicable in virtually every day-to-day problem solving and decision-making situation that you will encounter in most roles within an organisation.

The content is practical and provides a process, which can be easily implemented.

Cost from £50 per delegate.